Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mint WIP

I know, I'm totally a cool blogger imposter. I do know what WIPs are though so that counts, right? WIP = Work In Progress. Technically I could call myself a WIP, however, I am referring to actual works of mine that are in progress.

A couple of months ago, I became completely obsessed with the color 'Mint'. It's not a color that I typically think about or use. I'm usually more a bright primary color type of person. It started one day at work. I was working in a Microsoft Excel document - jealous, right? I needed to highlight some cells for my own personal use and I was bored with my regular colors. I checked the additional colors and thought, "Hmm...I'll try mint for today." The rest of the day I got excited to see that color. I started to think about mint yarn, mint paper, mint paint...I truly became obsessed. After work on that same day, I drove myself, and my 40% off coupon, to Hobby Lobby and bought some mint yarn. I also bought an ivory colored yarn. I didn't know what I was going to do with it but I felt better just having it in my possession.

Ahh...better already...

I realize the level of nerdiness I have now entered.

I started crocheting some granny squares. After a day or so, I decided that I wanted to make another blanket. I still loving cuddling under my other blanket so why not start a new one?

It won't match anything in my house. It may end up being a gift for someone I love. Who knows when I'll finish it, given my history with crocheting blankets. BUT - I love it already and it's satisfying my mint craving.

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