Thursday, July 4, 2013

Sharing Real Life #1: Essential Tremors and Creating

This is my first post to share the less than beautiful pieces of my life. I think the mix of beautiful and more challenging pieces is what makes up a pretty great and well rounded life anyway.

This past weekend, I decided to work some of my seed bead stash to make some colorful, layering necklaces. I used to make a lot of jewelry. I still love to do it but I don't work on it often because it can be frustrating to me. I have Essential Tremor Disorder, which is a very common movement disorder. That means my hands tremble involuntarily and it can be hard to work with small beads. Most days aren't that bad but I do have some bad days. Last weekend I had a crazy bad day (for me) and I was getting frustrated trying to bead. I decided to put together a quick video to share my frustration.

Luckily not every day is this shakey. My concern is that my tremors will get worse as I grow older and I will be limited in how much I can create. I want to create as much as I can now and then figure out how to continue to create as I grow older. I don't feel sorry for myself and I don't want others to feel sorry for me either. That's not why I shared this video. We all have our trials and burdens -- it's how we live with them that really defines who we are.

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