Saturday, February 1, 2014

10 Ways To Keep Dreaming

One of my biggest dreams right now is to move to Asheville, NC.  I previously talked about that dream here.  Lately my husband and I have been discussing a new strategy for making this happen in 2014.  It has been a long road and, mostly, the housing market is to blame for our set backs.  We haven't given up on this dream, even though there have been numerous discouraging moments.

I want to share a list of 10 things that keep me going.  10 ways that keep me dreaming.

1.  Talk about your dream often.  Plan, dream, revise - don't complain about it (well, not much anyway), take action instead.

2.  Write about what you envision regularly.  Dream big and write it all down - stream of consciousness-style.  Your dream may evolve and you may be able to brainstorm solutions a little better this way.

3.  When an obstacle surfaces, rethink your steps.  A set back doesn't mean to give up - just rethink your strategy.  Our biggest obstacle is trying to sell a house when we owe a little more than it's worth right now.  We have rethought our strategy numerous times over the past couple of years.  We have a new strategy right now and are hoping this might be a good one in 2014!

4.  Set mini-goals to make you feel like progress is being made - even if the path seems long.  I try to visit Asheville as often as possible during the year.  It resets my desire and, just being there, inspires me.

5.  Create a Vision Board to keep you motivated - either a physical board or an online board.  It may seem silly, but it really does help to keep you encouraged and lifts your spirits on the days you feel discouraged.  I created my Vision Board on Pinterest (see my Vision Board HERE).

6.  Set a tentative time frame, but don't become too attached to dates.  If a date has to be extended, just realize that it will be worth it when you get there.

7.  Commit.  Wholly and completely.  You won't get there if you don't commit.  Give yourself to the dream.

8.  Simplify other areas in your life.  For me, that has meant paying off debt, living a little more minimally, decluttering, etc.  I realize we will need to downsize a bit to move to Asheville so my family is preparing what we can now.

9.  Be prepared to take a calculated risk.  When the time is right, trust your gut.  With a family, I have to be smart and more calculated with risks, but I am prepared to take the right risk at the right time.

10.  Never give up!  NEVER!

Even my dogs are in on the dream!

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