Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My Techie Attempts

A few months ago, my laptop died and I decided to go the way of the iPad. For most of my purposes, I have been happy with the change. I've never had a Mac before so there have been some learning curves - especially since my day job is done entirely on a PC.

The things I have learned to love about having an iPad: the easy portability, the speed (as compared to my previous laptop), and I am loving the camera and photo editing apps that I've found. I have been using my iPad a lot for easy photos and editing. I still use my DSLR camera but it's nice to be able to play with photography easily when I've been really busy. I'm also starting to play around with videos and editing.

The biggest problem I have had is trying to blog from my iPad. Every time I want to post, I have to jump on my husband's laptop to do it. I recently did some research and found some apps that were recommended for blogging with an iPad. After reading several articles and reviews, I decided to try Blogsy. That is what I am using to write this post right now. It cost me $5.99 so the cheapskate in me is expecting A LOT from it. Don't fail me, Blogsy.

Mostly this is a test post and my attempt to impersonate a modern blogger. We'll see how this goes. I'm doing a lot of hunting and pecking to figure out this app. Maybe, just maybe, I'll become one of those cool bloggers who actually understand what all of these apps and bloggy talk mean. Maybe.




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