Saturday, June 29, 2013

Dear Sara

Recently I started using one of my various journals to write notes to myself. Usually it's to a specific moment in my past but, sometimes, it is directed at Future Sara. Sometimes it's silly and, sometimes, it's more serious. It's been a good way to record memories I have and my thoughts on those memories. It has also been a way of reconciling things in my past. Do you ever wish you could go back to a moment in your childhood and give yourself a hug and say "it will get better"? This is my way of doing that.

I thought I might occasionally share a Dear Sara entry here on my blog. I will probably keep the more personal and private posts to myself, but I don't mind sharing others. I don't have a lot of entries at this point but I have already learned that I wouldn't change much from my past. There are definitely tough times that I would hate to relive but I realize now that they shaped me as I am now.

For this first 'Dear Sara' post, I will share this one:
Dear Sara 11/14/1998,
Best decision you ever made or will make.
Completely fulfilled Sara
P.S. 11/14/1998 was the day I married the one and true love of my life

Are there certain moments in your life that you would love to be able to share words of wisdom or love with your past self? What would they be?
Happy Saturday-ing!

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