Saturday, December 15, 2012


I'm resting a lot this weekend to try and get myself and family over the flu that hit us this week.  I'm also resting because emotionally I'm pretty spent thinking and praying over many families in Connecticut.  My heart grieves with everyone else in this country.  It is impossible to make sense over a senseless act.  I don't think knowing the "why" behind it will do much good -- there is no explanation that would be enough to help our hearts and minds understand.

Last weekend I created a dreamcatcher.  It was something I had been creating in my mind for a couple of weeks and I was able to spend a good chunk of my weekend to see it to fruition.  My 6 year old definitely believes in the magic of a dreamcatcher.  He has one in his room and now wants me to make him one that he thinks will work even better.  I wish I could send dreamcatchers to the homes of many children and families in Connecticut right now.  If nothing more then to let them know that our hearts are with all of them and how we wish to catch the bad dreams that will come and hold them close to keep those people protected from any more horror.

I crocheted a traditional granny square out of cotton yarn and then stretched using a web like pattern onto an embroidery hoop.  Once on the hoop, I used fabric glue and glued a lace ribbon around the edges.  I added some "love" that I had bent and shaped a long time ago out of steel wire.  I also added a faux cinnabar bead and feather.  Originally dreamcatchers were made to resemble spiderwebs and a bead symbolized the spider.  The webs would catch the bad dreams and keep them from getting through.  They would also catch good dreams and trickle them down to the dreamer.

Most of my time was spent on what is called the "soft ladder" that the good dreams use to glide down and gently enter the dreamer's mind.  I used decorative trim, cotton yarn, acrylic yarn, twine, muslin, recycled t-shirt, glass pearl beads, felt, faux feathers, and some lucite beads.  I braided, crocheted, knotted, hung, cut, and assembled for hours.


The dreamcatcher now hangs in our family room for decorative purposes and in case someone takes a nap on the couch.  Just ignore the smudgey mirror on the wall. 

I have plans to make more as gifts.  I wish I could make enough for the whole state of Connecticut but, since I can't, just know that my heart is there.  Love your babies, your families, your friends, and thank a teacher who positively impacts your child's life.  I strongly believe that good can prevail over evil but, until it does, we might need a little magic to catch the bad and share the good to help us get through it.


  1. How fun! Great job on this.