Saturday, September 8, 2012

Out of Focus

This week I managed to somehow stay afloat and make it successful.  It was only a four day work week (well, I had to work a little on Labor Day) but it felt like a really long, short week.  If that makes any sense - it does in my head.

I'm not complaining - it wasn't a bad week really.  It was just a challenging week for me.  I have Fibromyalgia and Essential Tremor Disorder and my symptoms have been on high alert the last couple of weeks.  I also got some answers this week on a non-serious but very annoying ear issue I have.  Add to that, my job, three boys who have school, football, and Cub Scouts, and I managed to eek through the week alongside my rock and my only love, Jay.  Friday evening has never felt so sweet!  With chronic illnesses, some weeks it's tough to push through and appear normal.  I've finally gotten to a point where they don't define me and I don't let it get me down but, some weeks, it gets the best of me.

I think when we have weeks that are more challenging than others, it's good to focus on the big and small things that help us get through them and not wish our life away.  That's always my goal - I don't want to wish life away just because there are a few tough days.  Sometimes the focus gets blurry.

However, no matter how hazy things feel in my head - my guys are always in my sights.  The littlest one brought my spirits up in the most juvenile of ways this week.  At Cub Scouts, he heard the Boy Scout pledge for the first time.  It uses the word "duty" several times.  I looked over at him and he had his hands clasped over his mouth and his whole body was shaking trying to contain himself.  He leaned over and whispered to me,  "She said DOODY!"   I laughed about that the rest of that evening and into the next day.  When in Rome, you know.

Some other things that help?  Spending an hour on the phone with an old friend, complaining for a bit, and then spending the rest of the time making up ridiculous scenarios.  Focusing on my upcoming craft show -- crocheting, receiving over 450 colorful buttons in the mail, working out some other ideas, etc.  Vodka and pineapple juice over ice on a Friday night.  You know, fun things like that.

Now it's the weekend, I'm listening to The Beach Boys, watching my man work on the yard, planning my creative endeavors for the day, and looking forward to time spent with my in-laws tonight.  Do I physically feel good today?  Nope, but a fresh perspective makes a huge difference.  Knowing I can sleep in again tomorrow helps too.

Happy Saturday!

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