Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January Color: White

I miss color during the winter.  I grew up in the north but have lived in the south for 12 years now.  Our winters are pretty mild.  We rarely have snow or ice, we have spurts of warm weather sometimes, it doesn't really get cold until January, and it's usually over by the end of February, for the most part.    The trees are bare and our Bermuda grass turns brown and dormant.  I struggle to stay inspired outside during the winter months.

I want to incorporate a monthly blog post where I pick a color and then find inspiration online in that color.  It's a great way to stay inspired and I keep color boards on Pinterest as well.  To me, January is perfect for a White inspiration board.  Different shades of white, the contrast of white against other colors...I think it's perfect for this winter month and it has been fun searching for inspiration!

Below are some beautiful uses of white that have inspired me (you can access the links below the photo collage).  Feel free to share inspiration that you have found during the winter months.  Do you go for white or do you crave color?

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