Thursday, August 2, 2012


A couple of months ago, I read the book A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller.  At its core, it is about the story we are each currently living and the story we actually want to live.  I found it to be so inspirational and read it very quickly.  As I read, I would jot down quotes that impacted me.  There was one that stood out to me the most and I found myself reading it over and over. 

I decided I wanted to remember that quote and be inspired by it every day.  I knew I wanted to frame it but didn't want to just print it, paint it, write it, etc.  I loved the idea of some kind of fiber version of it on my wall so I tried my hand at embroidery.  Now, I have been playing with embroidery for just a few months and make up the stitches on my own.  Below is my version of this quote:

"I feel written, my skin feels written, and my desires feel written."

I started out by writing the quote in my own handwriting (no frills) on muslin and stretching onto an embroidery hoop.

Then I stitched the words in black thread and used some white thread to highlight a bit.

I embellished around the words in a circle.  Then I cut out the circle and stitched onto a piece of cream colored felt.

I kept with the circles around and around.  I wanted to add color but wanted the words to stand out on their own so avoided going overboard.

Ta-da!  The finished piece framed on my wall above one of my other photos.  Simple, imperfect but the words stand out. 
What books and quotes inspire you?

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